What’s in the box?

3 min readApr 20, 2022

Now is your last chance to get a Styllar before the Snapshot this Friday(April 22nd)!

We’re excited to announce the contents of what’s in the upcoming Loot Boxes that will be claimable this Saturday (April 23rd). As a reminder, more about the mechanics of Loot Boxes can be found in the previous medium here.

So what’s in the box? You’ll find a combination of uniques, styllar items, in-game resources, and tickets to redeem for $STYL in the upcoming token launch. These items are available in every rarity of Loot Boxes, but a higher rarity will give higher chances for the rarer items. More explained below:


As hinted at before, there will be 31 Unique items. These Uniques are all different fun little dual monkeys and perhaps will be useful in the Styllaverse.


About 1% of the Loot Boxes (100+ items) will include a fun surfboard. With the appearance of surfboards, we’re launching a new trait called “Sub-Background”. This trait will be in front of the background, but behind your custom styllar.


About 1% of the Loot Boxes will include different kinds of full-body suits. These include variations on a fun children’s tv show and a wet suit to get ready for the beach.


About 1% of the Loot Boxes will include new cute companions that can help you as you roam the Styllaverse.


About 20% of the Loot Boxes will include different kinds of items you can equip on your custom-made Styllars. These include new hoodies, weapons, and some upgraded Styllarmon balls (wonder what they could be used for).


About 30% of the Loot Boxes will include tickets that can be redeemed for $STYL tokens in the upcoming token launch. Styllar tickets are the first occasion people have to guarantee themselves some $STYL tokens. After our TGE, you will be able to swap those tickets for a pre-determined (TBA) number of tokens. There will be various ticket types also available in our game, but only one type is available in the loot boxes.


With the creation of the Styllaverse, there will be a need for resources for crafting and foraging in the game. About 45% of the Loot Boxes will contain these resources ranging from crystals, essences, iron, and many more to help get you going in your Styllaverse adventure. It is important to mention that those resources aren’t fixed supply as they will also be available in-game, but this will give you a head start.

After the loot boxes are claimable this weekend, they will immediately be tradable on Random Earth.

They will then be openable on the Styllar Website in early May.




Our Styllars consist of 10,000 uniquely generated avatars. Each avatar features exclusive traits.