What is STYLLAR?

Welcome to the Styllar Club!

Our Styllars consist of 10,000 uniquely generated avatars. Each avatar features exclusive traits comprised of items and elements, some of which are significantly limited compared to others. STYLLAR™️ will be available to be officially owned by any individual.

Styllar is about custom collectible NFT avatars inspired by fashion and pop culture. We aim to be the highest quality NFT art on dual blockchain. 12 years in the making. Releasing first on terra. The name Styllar is from Style and Stellar (we are taking it to the moon).

Styllar aims to be a premium NFT that the community can relate to. Every item you see on our Styllars is custom-made by our designer @Ahoodie. Stay tuned for a future announcement on Styllar history.

There are currently almost 2000 members in our Discord server in less than 24 hours! The Terra community has been extremely positive and responsive towards Styllar and we are extremely grateful for the support!

This blog post aims to address common questions we received on our Discord server and give the community some Alphas on what is to come in the future.

STYLLAR® Roadmap V1

  1. Styllars Mint on Terra. 10,000 Styllars NFT randomly generated are minted by the community and distributed.
  2. Revealing metadata & ranking. Shortly after the mint, metadata will be revealing with an official Styllar ranking.
  3. Social media avatar package generator for all the NFT holders. You will be able as a Styllar owner to get access to a complete social media package generated for your Styllars.
  4. Creation of the first Styllar merchandise collection, available for the Styllar members only.
  5. Creation of the Styllar private club. This secret club is only accessible for verified Styllar owners. By being a member of the #Styllarclub, you will gain access to perks and advantages.
  6. Reveal of Roadmap V2. Hint (terraverse, dual-mint, multiverse, IBC)

Styllar is looking to establish itself as a premium NFT on the Terra blockchain. By being the owner of a Styllar, you’ll become part of this project and will be granted access to a lot of perks.

We aim to create one of the strongest communities on the Terra blockchain. Styllar will collaborate with the upcoming projects and existing projects on the Terra blockchain to unify the #lunatics community and meet its requests.


Let’s talk about Styllar Whitelist and how we want to reward the #Styllarclub and the Terra community. First, there are going to be two whitelists.

Community Whitelist

To reward the community we feel there is no best way than incorporating a community whitelist that will grant access to minting a couple of hours before the public mint. The community whitelist is there to reward our active users in the #Styllarclub. As early participants in the Styllar journey, those community whitelisted users will be able to mint one guaranteed Styllar on mint date.

Yesterday (October 6th, 2021) we gave the OG role in our Discord channel to the first 600 users that joined. While the OG role doesn’t guarantee someone a place in the community whitelist, we will do an event to give 1/3 of the OGs a spot in the community whitelist. We believe that this way is fair for the early members and fair for the rest of the community that was perhaps sleeping at this moment.

There are currently two ways of making it in the community whitelist.

  • First, you have until Friday to like and retweet this Twitter post

We will be drawing 250 winners that are going to be part of the community whitelist.

  • Secondly, we are rewarding our top 1000 active users in the Discord

The top 1000 active users are selected base on their XP rank. We currently have a bot tracking users’ activity. The snapshot of the top 1000 active users will be taken at a random time we decide before the mint.

How can you gain XP in the discord you ask?

  • Keep the discussion going in our different channels
  • Interact with the minigames we’re making at random times in the Discord
  • Share your cool memes (images and videos only in the appropriate channel)

We’re aware of users trying to farm XP with bots. Using any bots will result in an immediate ban from our Discord (don’t try us..). Spamming in the different channels will also result in a couple of hours of temp mute.

Styllar is all about rewarding the community and having a fair launch. In this regard, Styllar staff is going to be extremely responsive to ensure fairness all around.

Public Whitelist

A public whitelist is going to be available later on. Everyone will be able to sign up for it via a form. We want to do a public whitelist to help to avoid bots during the mint.

Users in the public whitelist are going to be able to mint right after the community whitelist.

Styllar Mint

As mentioned previously, there will be three minting periods. The first minting period is the community whitelist mint, the second minting period is the public whitelist mint and the third and final minting period is the public mint.

There will be 1500 community whitelist spots allocated during our various events. Those 1500 persons will be guaranteed a mint a couple of hours before the public mint. Each wallet will be able to mint 1 NFT during this period.

The public whitelist will allow each wallet to mint a maximum of 3 Styllars. This is to guarantee a maximum of different Styllar holders.

If there are remaining Styllars NFTs at this point, each wallet will be able to mint a maximum of 10 Styllars during the public mint.
(we strongly suggest you at least sign up for the public whitelist to avoid bots participation)

How to mint a Styllar?

You will be able to mint a Styllar directly on our website Styllar

You will be requested to connect your Terra wallet using the extension before being able to mint a Styllar. Each Styllar NFT is going to cost 5 LUNA to mint (we’re ready to adapt the mint cost according to the market price at the moment).

You will be able to mint Styllars with only LUNA as of right now. We believe a strong majority prefers to mint NFTs with LUNA instead of UST.

Questions we received

When is the mint?

  • The current launch date has not been disclosed yet, but we’re currently looking at the end of October. Stay tuned for our announcements!

Which marketplace?

  • We will soon reveal which marketplace Styllar is going to be available on. Stay tuned for our next announcements.

How can we get in touch with Styllar?

  • You can get in touch with us on our Twitter or on our Discord, or you can email us at info@styllar.com.

Feel free to ask us questions and come chat with us in our Discord.

Follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss any important announcements.



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