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7 min readMar 31, 2022

In this article, we will talk about our Avatar Builder release and about what you guys have been waiting for since the release of said Avatar Builder: The Styllar Roadmap V2. That’s right, this article is an important one that will mark the future of Styllar.

Avatar Builder release

Let’s start with the release of our primary feature: the Avatar builder. 15 days ago (March 15th), we released our long-awaited Avatar Builder. This functionality represents the pinnacle of our Roadmap V1. The Avatar Builder is a huge milestone for Styllar and opens the door to a whole new world (hint hint hint: Styllaverse).

If you’re new to Styllar, here is a little recap of how you can play with our Avatar Builder and make yourself a customized avatar.

First, you’ll need to get yourself some Styllar items. There are currently 3 different collections made by Styllar that work together. The first one is called “Original Styllars” also known as Generation 0, which are the 10,050 official Styllars made by us. By owning an “OG”, you get access to the Styllar Club and all its perks. A few months ago, by owning some OGs, holders received NFTs from the second official collection we have “Styllar Items”. Styllar items represent different pieces based on the official Styllar traits (companions, items, tops, hairs, backgrounds, magic staffs, suits, bottoms, shoes, faces, bodies, shields, full outfits, costumes, outfits, and energy).

Styllar items are the specific NFTs you need to play around within the Avatar Builder. You’ll need at least a body and a face to be able to make yourself a custom Styllar NFT avatar, which is our third official collection.

You can see every Styllar Item there is for sale here:

New Regime Collab for the Styllar Merch

If you’ve been following our roadmap V1, you’re aware that we’re releasing exclusive merchandise this April in collaboration with an established brand called New Regime. The Styllar merch is one of the 2 things left to be done in our Roadmap V1 before we begin our V2. Styllar merchandise is something we’re extremely excited about. We’re not just slapping some logos on a t-shirt, the Styllar merch in collaboration with New Regime is all custom made from the design, labeling, and custom fabrics. We’re working hard to provide the highest merch quality possible and have some unique designs that will fit your fashion tastes.

Styllar Loot Boxes

The last part of our roadmap V1 and something people have been waiting for a long time is definitively the Styllar Loot Boxes. Styllar Loot Boxes will be airdropped to everyone who owns one or multiple Styllar OGs. For each Styllar OG that you own (items and customs are not included), you will receive a Styllar Loot Box with a corresponding rarity (common, rare, epic, legendary, ultra-rare, impossible).

As a Styllar holder, you can see those loot boxes as a “passive” income. You will be able to obtain various items (some are uniques) in those loot boxes. It’s important to mention that each type of loot box (even the common ones) will let you obtain some very rare items. However, the rarer the loot box is, the higher your chances are of getting a rarer item.

Styllar V2

Alright, here we go. The moment you guys have all been waiting for. What is Styllar V2? We hinted at a lot in the early days of Styllar, but we never made an official statement (with good reasons) about what was coming into our second roadmap. It is important to mention that the Styllar team is highly dedicated to delivering its promises in a professional way. This means that we’re very careful about what we promise to deliver. As our community should know by now, Styllar delivers every part of its roadmap and that is not going to change.

Styllar Token ($STYL)

The Styllar Token (STYL) is a governance token used in the Styllar universe. STYL holders will be able to earn rewards by staking their tokens and participating in key governance votes. STYL tokens represent ownership in the Styllar universe.

Here’s what we can guarantee about the Styllar token so far. Every OG Styllar that you own will give you the possibility to invest in a private seed held for our investors. You can have a bigger allocation by owning more OG Styllars

Here’s another surprise. In the first loot box generation, you’ll have a chance of getting STYL tickets. Those tickets will be exchangeable directly for some $STYL tokens after our public sale (and yes those tickets are NFTs).

RGB Coins

RGB coins are the in-game currency of the Styllar universe. Players can earn RGB coins by playing, completing various tasks, and winning PVP competitions. RGB coins are used everywhere in the Styllar universe.

Styllar OG Staking

That’s right. OG staking is a thing and you’ll love it. By staking your OGs, you will be able to receive $STYL tokens and many in-game perks unlockable only if you’re part of the super cool Styllar Club. If you’re a Styllar baller, we strongly recommend you stake at least one bad boy to get access to everything exclusive we have planned for the club.

Styllar Furnace

Too many items in circulation for a low price? Not a problem. Let us introduce the Styllar Furnace in which you can pitch any trash items you don’t want and receive some fuel for it. That’s right, we’re introducing some kind of magical crafting that works with fuel (thanks for the name Ah00die). By combining the power of our fuser system with some fuel, you’ll be able to craft yourself some unique gear that is available only if you become a pyromaniac yourself.


You keep hearing about a game, but what game you may ask? First, notice that this isn’t “Styllarverse” this is “Styllaverse”. That’s right, we’re stylish like that with the name right off the gate.

Styllar is making a P2E game. Let that sink in for a second… Your favorite Styllar team is officializing the fact that they will be making a P2E game. Yes, the same Styllar team that keeps on delivering its technical and creative roadmap.

What kind of game you may ask? Well, that is a good question Watson. Styllar is making an MMORPG with a beautiful open world combined with “King of the hill battles” (Super Smash style, PVP).

You will be able to explore the beautiful Styllaverse world, hang out with friends, complete quests, and much more. Challenging other players in King of the hill battles or participating in tournaments will allow you to gain XP and items giving you access to explore new lands, meet new people, discover villages, and access new quests. You will be able to find magical items to properly pimp your character in your adventure.

The Styllar team thinks really big when it comes to the Styllaverse. We plan on making land purchasable. Players will be able to build structures on their land and run businesses inside the game.

Players will be able to enter the Styllaverse with their custom Styllars rendered in 3d. A little reminder that if you want to make yourself a custom Styllar you first need some Styllar items. However, items are not just for the look. Depending on which items you have equipped on your character, you’ll have various skills usable in combat. We want to make a balanced combat system with various combat skills. In terms of rarity, rather than giving more powerful skills to rarer items, we’re looking into personalizing the aspect of said skills to make them look more badass. This functionality should work like any game skin, but with combat skills.

Styllar females

Styllar females have been in the discussion since the early Styllar days. They will make an appearance in the Styllaverse and mark a huge milestone for the project.

Are you ready?

This article is an introduction to what we’ve been cooking for the past months as we were working on the v1. Our Avatar Builder is the foundation of this huge project that we will be making. The first important step to guarantee the success of this project will be the making of an official lite paper followed by a raise. To accomplish this project, the Styllar team will need to grow to ensure it is capable of delivering professional and the highest quality work.

In the meantime, we’re also working on facilitating new people’s experience on Styllar. We will be revamping our website completely so it contains all the information in one place. We also have a video producer currently working on video presentations and some tutorials.

Styllar is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.




Our Styllars consist of 10,000 uniquely generated avatars. Each avatar features exclusive traits.