Styllar Seasons and Weekly events

Welcome back Styllar Club!

4 min readApr 7, 2022

In this article, we will talk about a new approach that the Styllar team is taking with the community. Styllar seasons are coming back, but this time without the XP grind! Seasons will be totally based on a new model involving participation and competition. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Seasons will work in symbiosis with the weekly intra-community events we will now organize! Let’s deep dive into the specifics.

Styllar Seasons

Most of our community that was here in the early days certainly remember our Styllar Seasons. We had 5 seasons, totalizing 5 months. During a full month, people actively engaging in Discord received XP. Based on the level obtained with XP during that month, people received exclusive rewards.

Based on the community feedback, we decided to rethink this rewarding feature to encourage members that were truly supportive of the project and not just there for ”grinding” and gaining XP.

We realized that the Season concept was fun and engaging. For that particular reason, we are bringing back this innovative feature we built over time. We decided however to modify the core system of seasons and change how it worked. We’re pleased to announce that Styllar seasons won’t run on XP anymore, but will now work with participation and competitive points earned while playing our various events.

Seasons will now last 3 full months and be based on approximately 12 events each.

Before explaining how that works, let’s dive into the events themselves!

Styllar Weekly events

Based on our community feedback, we decided to implement weekly events in our Discord. This role will be endorsed by the one and only Monamee. Monamee will be organizing games/events for our community once per week.

Here are a few suggestions we received from you guys already: trivia, poker, gartic, economy games, lore contests, custom styllar contests, treasure hunts, and many more!

Some events will be hosted at a specific time of the week (mostly weekends) and some events will run the entire week (deadline to submit your submissions). Some events will also require you to form some teams, while some events will be solo.

Styllar weekly events are meant to bolster and enhance the fabric of the community. We want our community to enjoy chatting, hanging out, and playing our events. Those events should not be considered a “burden” or a grind in the same category as the “XP” one.

On top of entertaining our community, we also want to reward the participants and the winners with our innovative Styllar season concept.

By simply participating in our events, people will receive a base amount of points taken into account in our leaderboard. By placing themselves on the top leaderboard of each event, players will also earn points. By the end of the season of 3 months which is approximately 12 events, the top of the leaderboard will be rewarded with exclusive rewards. People that participated in at least 60% of the events in a season will also receive a participation reward.

Styllar events will be pre-planned in advance and announced in Discord. You can see the Discord events at the top left of your screen. Events that will happen on a specific date are set to run during the weekends at the most convenient hour for everyone.

In the beginning, we will be displaying the leaderboard with the help of the mee6 economy plugin. This means that by typing “/richest” you will be able to see the top 10 players in a season.

Weekly events mixed with seasons are a new concept we’re trying to develop to make the Styllar community a better place to hang out and we plan on monitoring closely the events to constantly optimize the way we do things. Community feedback will be very important and welcomed.

If you have game or event suggestions, please contact Trinitosss or Monamee on Discord.

The first Styllar event is set to begin on April 16th, this will be confirmed in the Discord event feature.




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