Styllar migration update

2 min readAug 30, 2022


Welcome back, Styllar Club!

Below is a step-by-step list of how to migrate your Styllars from the Terra blockchain onto the Polygon blockchain. Migrating your Styllars will also result in upgrading them completely. Your Styllars will not have the same look but will keep the same ranking.

Please note that due to circumstances out of our control (Terra Station mobile), users won’t be able to claim via mobile (please connect to a desktop device). Once fully migrated to Polygon and not dependent on 2 blockchains, future platforms and functionalities will all be available via mobile, desktop, and tablets.

How to claim if you haven’t claimed yet:

  1. You have until September 26th to claim
  2. You must claim using a desktop device
  3. On Terra Station (desktop), you must select “Classic” Network
  4. You must make sure you have a few LUNC in your wallet
  5. Use MetaMask or Walletconnect to connect to Polygon and make sure you are on the “Polygon” Network and NOT ETH.
  6. Once claimed, your Styllars will appear on OpenSea > In your profile click on “more” > Hidden > Unhide your Styllars (this step is temporary and is being addressed by OpenSea)
  7. Direct message any admin for support if needed. It will be our pleasure to help

Styllar aims to be the top NFT project on OpenSea for the Polygon blockchain.

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Our Styllars consist of 10,000 uniquely generated avatars. Each avatar features exclusive traits.