Styllar 2.0

9 min readJun 7, 2022

After taking the time to carefully assess all possibilities and secure essential partnerships for Styllar’s future, we’re ready to announce our next move for the project. As announced last week, we will be migrating to the Polygon blockchain. This migration will mark the next chapter for Styllar, and the Styllar Club.

This article aims to:

  • explain our decision to migrate Styllar to Polygon instead of staying on Terra 2.0;
  • explain how we changed some of Styllar’s core mechanics and how it will work on Polygon;
  • provide a clear overview of the next steps and what’s coming for Styllar.

Migrating to the Polygon Blockchain

The idea behind Styllar has always been to create a huge brand that makes our community feel special and part of something bigger. We strive to create a memorable brand linked both in the digital world as well as in the physical world, and we’ve worked hard the past eight months to make that happen with both tech innovations and IRL brand partnerships. We are currently collaborating with New Regime and investing serious effort into this partnership to create and offer our community something genuinely unique in terms of merchandise and collectibles. We want our holders to be proud of being part of our project, brand, partnerships, and our merchandise. The Styllar team has very high standards with everything we make, from our digital products to our physical products. We’re not about making another classic print on some poor-quality merchandise– we’re creating badass, well-thought-out fashion pieces that you guys will want to wear every day and brag about to your friends.

We enforce the same high standard with every aspect of Styllar, especially when taking our new blockchain migration into consideration. Knowing that there was a chance that the Terra network would be relaunched, we had three options: stay on Terra and migrate to the 2.0 version, migrate to Solana, or migrate to Polygon.

All three options had pros and cons, but we eventually decided on the Polygon blockchain. Since Styllar is developing a considerably big project (including a vast play-to-earn game), our investors need to be reassured about the stability of the core network we’re using. Terra 2.0 isn’t a viable option as the collapse left investors unsure about its future, and in Solana’s case, the network often crashes and has considerable downtime, which would not be a viable option for our game to be built on.

Considering the aforementioned aspects and many, many other things, the Polygon blockchain has emerged as the best possible choice for a project like Styllar. With the help of Polygon Studio, many key partnerships were made on the Polygon blockchain with companies like Meta, Stripe, Adobe, Adidas, Dolce Gabbana, Prada, and eBay. On the gaming side, Polygon also announced key partnerships with projects like Sandbox, Decentraland, and a massive collaboration with Dr. Disrespect. Many gaming studios chose to develop on the Polygon network for all the benefits that come with it, ranging from a stable infrastructure to the gigantic network effect of the Ethereum blockchain.

Today the Styllar team is proud to announce an important partnership with Polygon Studio. Polygon Studio is directly involved with many prominent builders developing play-to-earn games on the network. This partnership comes with an agreement to migrate the project efficiently to the Polygon blockchain. This will also help Styllar establish a solid foundation on a new network while developing the project and accessing a larger audience.

What core mechanics are changing in Styllar

The past eight months have been a huge learning experience for the Styllar team. We’ve completed successful updates with excellent results — learning, adapting, and evolving as we move forward. We regularly take our community’s feedback to consistently improve our project. We are approaching this migration as an opportunity to restart the project with your feedback and our knowledge applied. We’re adapting critical changes to some of our core functions to achieve this.

Styllar Avatar Builder

We’re changing the way our Avatar Builder works entirely. Following community feedback, we decided to remove the burn mechanism associated with it. Our users will be able to swap items on their Styllar OG avatars without losing any of their items. We believe that by making this change, people will be more inclined to utilize this core function.

We’re also adding a dynamic ranking system instead of a fixed rarity chart. Swapping items on your Styllar avatar will directly impact the avatar’s rarity. In order to monetize our Avatar Builder and prepare for game functionalities, switching items on and off will require a small fee of MATIC or ETH tokens. Ultimately, once we launch our STYL token (which is part of our game) we want to close our ecosystem slowly, making the STYL token the principal currency. This and a multitude of other functions will give more utility to the token that we plan on launching in the near future.

Styllar Fuser system

We’re keeping a burn mechanism inside the Styllar collection to ensure that it’s still possible to create scarcity over time, which in turn will give more value to the rest of the collection. We decided to keep the Fuser system but will change how we use it to accomplish deflation. We think that the Fuser system was a fantastic mechanism and that many people enjoyed using it, but it hasn’t yet peaked to its full potential.

The Fuser system will be used to upgrade (level up) your items in the future. This will work in tandem with the game we plan on launching. You can look at the Fuser system as a crafting function, coupled with a burn mechanism to add a bit of deflationary flavor. In order to upgrade your items, they will need to be in your inventory (as a tangible NFT) and not currently equipped with your Styllar NFT avatar. Recipes will additionally be simplified, only utilizing item duplicates as opposed to consolidating different items to comprise the upgrade. More clarification on the Fuser system and which items will be upgradable will be released before its V2 release.

What are the next steps, and how will it work?

The collection will remain the same at 10,050 Styllar avatars. There won’t be three collections anymore since the 10,050 “Original Avatars” (OG Avatars) will be completely customizable in the new Avatar builder (without burning any items). This modification was made to simplify the project for our users.

The migration of the original avatars, custom avatars, and items

In order to migrate the project, we decided not to use any past snapshots of our holders. This means that whatever you own now or what you buy will follow you on the Polygon blockchain. This includes all the “OGs,” the items, and the custom avatars. The final snapshot will be made shortly before our migration and will be announced multiple times on all our networks. After the last snapshot we take, any trade you make on the Terra classic blockchain will not follow you to the Polygon blockchain.

The Styllar Club and its new perks

When we created the Styllar Club, we wanted our members to feel special and proud about being part of something bigger than themselves. Our vision for the future of the Styllar Club is huge, and we are stoked to make it happen.

Whether you’re a proud owner of a Styllar avatar or someone that wears our quality merch, you should feel like part of the family. As a member of the Styllar Club, you should also be entitled to some concrete privileges.

Here is what we’re adding as perks for the Styllar club members:

  • Share from all OG trades (25% of the total royalties)
  • Share from all collaborative collections trade (25% of the total royalties)
  • Revenue share from all collaborative collections mint (25% of mint revenue)
  • Access to live VIP events
  • Exclusive whitelists to collaborative collections and partner NFTs

As a member of the Styllar Club, you now have a portion of the revenue from the project. Those perks are only the beginning; we plan to add more perks, once our game is live and our ecosystem around the STYL token is ready to be deployed.

The OGS (Original Avatars)

We plan on randomizing 10,050 new Styllars (minus the uniques) with the tons of new items we made over the past eight months so that the original collection will look even better and attract a larger audience.

Instead of migrating the way your Styllar looks at a 1:1 rate, we will migrate their rarity. We will be making a new rarity chart with the 10,050 new original avatars, and you will receive the same Styllars you previously held according to their rank. To this effect, you will not receive your current Styllars on the Polygon blockchain — instead, if you were holding the Styllar ranked #2 out of 10,050 Styllars on the Terra classic blockchain, you will receive the new and upgraded ranked #2 Styllar on the Polygon blockchain.

Not all 600 new items will be used in the randomization in order to let owners customize their avatar to their liking and gain ranks from upgrading their avatars with new items. We will keep several of those items back cataloged for future features.

Items and customs

We invested a ton of careful thinking into how we wanted to proceed with the item migration. As of today, there are about 72,000 items (NFTs) available in the Items collection. Migrating those items was not efficient and counterproductive to how we wanted to develop the Styllar game. We also wanted to give back the value of what our users held in items.

To do so, we will be airdropping the equivalent value of all the items you had as a holder in “Rubies.” Rubies are a new token we will release exclusively to our current holders so that they can redeem free items on our website. An item value will be based on its current rarity score and market value. The custom avatar collection will work the same way; we will be airdropping rubies according to every item used to comprise your custom avatar. The more rare and valuable your items are, the more rubies you will receive for them.

We will be making most of our items available in the Styllar store. Users will be able to claim the items of their choice for free using their rubies. The items will also be available for the public on our store, initially for MATIC or ETH tokens (ultimately for STYL tokens only in the future). Items will also be tradeable on the secondary market alongside the original avatars. The ultimate goal of Styllar is to create an entire ecosystem around our STYL token, our marketplace, and our game.

Items are used to upgrade your current Styllar original avatar (the OGs) if you wish to customize it to your liking or upgrade the rarity. We plan on announcing other utilities for items as we develop the game, but our main concern was ensuring users didn’t have to worry about what they bought or sold for the game. Ultimately, we want the items to be fully customizable in terms of stats, which means that the items will all be paired with individual attributes and rarity.

How to transfer your holdings?

Styllar is developing a system to connect on our website with both your Terra Classic address and your new Polygon Address to claim. This way, we will be able to associate and validate your two wallets and transfer your holdings safely, according to what was held in your previous wallet.

Our users will have 30 days, starting when our system is live, to transfer their holdings over to Polygon. Any unclaimed OGs will be re-minted on Polygon during a public mint. That way, we ensure the collection stays at 10,050 avatars, and we’re not diluting the value of your holdings.

Collaborative collections (Ex. New Regime X Styllar)

While collaborating with New Regime, we learned that the best way to onboard new users unfamiliar with the crypto market is to simplify the process of buying and using the product. It’s too complicated for most people to make a new wallet, buy items, use an Avatar Builder and mint a custom avatar. We plan on creating exclusive collaborative collections composed of full avatars (no more items) for this reason.

Collaborative collections will feature small fixed amounts of new avatars. These collections won’t be customizable in our Avatar builder and won’t give access to the Styllar Club perks. However, trading those collections and the mint of those collections will generate significant revenue for our Styllar Club members (25%). The collaborative collections will also come with their own specific perks, contests, and giveaways.

Final notes and thank you

We want to thank the community for your patience around the recent events and the time it took to present an iron-clad plan. The Styllar team has been debating for weeks about the best possible course of action, understandably so, considering the complexity of our project.

This update is the result of countless deliberations, eight months of project evolution, and all the feedback we received from our community. While the recent situation with Terra was a temporary setback, we see it more as a golden opportunity to rebuild a stronger foundation.

For any inquiries/questions about what’s next, please join our Discord server. Admins are always available in the chats or in DM.

-The Styllar Team




Our Styllars consist of 10,000 uniquely generated avatars. Each avatar features exclusive traits.