Loot Boxes are here!

3 min readApr 16, 2022


In this medium article, we are excited to announce the launch of Styllar Loot Boxes and their mechanics moving forward. At Styllar we are continuously thinking of ways to reward those that hold our original collection. Loot Boxes are something that will be a fun way to give back to holders, while also introducing new items in the Styllar collection.

So how do I get a Loot Box?

Loot Boxes will be claimable for those that hold avatars from the original Styllar collection. Whether you minted on day one or picked up a Styllar on secondary, they will all be eligible. Each Styllar you own means you will be able to claim one additional Loot Boxe. You can buy or verify the collection here:

Random Earth


The snapshot date will be Friday, April 22 at 12 PM Eastern Standard Time. You do not need to withdraw or delist the Styllars to be eligible for the snapshot. Styllar Items or Custom Styllars ARE NOT eligible for Loot Boxes at this time.

Are there different kinds of Loot Boxes?

To reward the different rarities of Styllar, Loot Boxes will correlate to the rarity of Styllar. This means there will be common, rare, epic, legendary, ultra-rare, impossible, and unique Loot Boxes. The rarer the Loot Box, the rarer the items within.

Rarer Loot Boxes also mean a higher chance of getting a unique, as seen below:

Common: 1 chance of a unique

Rare: 2 chances of a unique

Epic: 3 chances of a unique

Legendary: 4 chances of a unique

Ultra-Rare: 5 chances of a unique

Impossible: 6 chances of a unique

Unique: 10 chances of a unique

You can check the rarity of your Styllar on the official website here: https://app.styllar.com/ You can also view Styllars for sale and sort by price. (and there seem to be some deals on Epics right now!)

So what’s in these Loot Boxes?

Loot Boxes will contain a combination of items, Uniques, and tickets that will be redeemable for future $STYLtokens. These items will be a mix of useful items, gear, materials, weapons, and more.

And just like the original collection, there will be 31 Unique items. Except for this time, they will be slightly different. As not to dilute the original collection, these uniques will be part of the Item supply. These Uniques are all different fun little dual monkeys and perhaps will be useful in the Styllaverse.

How to claim Loot Boxes?

After the snapshot date, Loot Boxes will be claimable on Saturday, April 23rd at 17h PM EST. You will be able to claim the Loot Boxes on the Styllar website at https://app.styllar.com/?view=airdrop . Once claimed, the Loot Boxes will be individual NFTs that will be tradeable.

The team is finalizing all the cool items to put in the box and will be openable in early May on the Styllar Fuser. In the meantime, that means you can hold, trade, or sell the Loot Boxes. But don’t miss your chance of finding a Unique!

Loot Boxes will be claimable up until May 31st at 9 PM EST. After that date, any unclaimed Loot Boxes will be clawed back and used to benefit the Styllar community. This will ensure that we can take advantage and find all the uniques!

Should I sell my cute Styllar after the snapshot date?

We are constantly working to bring value to the original collection. We are planning to offer loot boxes continually (looking at quarterly based on item supply). And will be applicable for upcoming $STYL and other drops.




Our Styllars consist of 10,000 uniquely generated avatars. Each avatar features exclusive traits.