After Mint, What’s next?

Welcome back Styllar Club!

Mint Day

We’ve been working extremely hard the past 3 weeks to ensure a smooth experience during our launch. As you may probably know, we decided to launch on our own minting platform. It initially made our team and supporters slightly nervous, especially since we were expecting a ton of traffic.

Now that our launch for the first Styllar collection is done, we can officially declare that it was an immense success. In fact, we believe we had the smoothest launch on Terra so far, based on everyone’s feedback. We already received inquiries to help other projects launch their NFT project.

Once our Public Whitelist Stage started, our Styllar NFT collection sold out very quickly, which shows the infatuation of the community for the project. Trading on Randomearth started a couple of minutes after with a huge volume (about 11k $LUNA for the first day). We also saw a vast increase in the number of owners, which makes us extremely happy and shows the engagement of our community for Styllar.

We’re aware that some of the community members are anxious about the Styllar floor price. It is important to understand that a lot of people take part in NFTs launch with the pure intention to gamble their ticket into getting a unique or something they consider rare.

We would like to remind you guys that nothing about Styllar changed. We believe we have one of the most unique roadmaps in any blockchain. The idea of an avatar builder and customizable NFTs is unique in itself. Those that took time to read our articles and take part in the community are well aware of that. We are lucky to have a strong and supportive community.

The Styllar team has shown its true potential through everything it did, from the design to our development, to our community building. Everything has been thought and built carefully. We intend to produce and deliver our roadmap the same way. We have the team and the necessary resources to make and maintain a consistently growing high-quality NFT project. It is important to mention that Styllar is backed by 2 top agencies in design/marketing and in web/software development.

It’s only the beginning. Mint day was an important milestone for Styllar in our project, and we nailed it, even with a huge amount of traffic.

What’s next

Alright, let’s talk about what’s next for Styllar. As you guys are aware, we have a huge v1 roadmap, and we’re on track.

Our official ranking is set to release in the next 24hours. As we said previously this was going to be something coming out fairly soon after the mint. Expect it today or tomorrow.

In parallel, we’re also working on the social media package that will be available for any verified member of the Styllar Club. This will allow you to have optimized graphic content to showcase your Styllars on every platform!

However, our most exciting feature and our core concept is definitively our avatar builder. We believe that our avatar builder is unique across all blockchains and for this particular reason it’s our core focus. We mentioned a couple of features with the items, but never really talked about how the avatar builder was working, and what’s included with it, so let’s deep dive into it.

Once our item marketplaces come out, all items that are currently bound to your styllars are going to be unbounded. You’ll be able to trade those individual items freely on the market or use them in our avatar builder to build your dream Styllar.

When you use items in the avatar builder, you burn those items. This means that you will want to be very careful and selective on what you decide to use to mint yourself a custom styllar. This system creates scarcity among the pool of items, which brings value to the other items not used yet. As time passes and as we make new collections of items to control this scarcity, first generations of items are going to become rarer, thus becoming more desirable no matter their rarity.

Our avatar builder will have features included in it to gamify the experience. Let’s talk about our fusion mechanism. That’s right, fusion… mechanism. You will be able to take multiple items and fuse them together to upgrade their rarity and get something rarer. You will also be able to find some secret combinations of items that will give you an exclusive item. Some of those recipes will be disclosed at various times in many ways (Discord server, Medium articles, etc…). Others will remain secret until someone finds them and shares them… or not. With such a feature, you’ll want to experiment, and that’s part of the fun.

One of the secret recipes has already been leaked by the one and only Ah00die on Discord. (Hint: A few crocodile polos could potentially give you a crocodile companion). We believe that while making your custom blockchain identity, you should enjoy the process.

Don’t forget our Styllar Season 0! Everyone above ape level is going to be airdropped with some exclusive items working in our avatar builder (banana season).

If you don’t follow us on Twitter, you should definitely be doing so to make sure you don’t miss any big announcements.

If you’re not in Discord, you should also join us.



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